Tell me about the Action Log

Your Action Log shows you events associated with your applications on our Cloud Security Platform. These are applications enabled for your subscription  - like WAS, WAS, MD and CM.

What are the events? Each event describes a user action that you have permission to view based on your scope. For example, if you have permission to view a target site, scan events for the target site will be visible in the Action Log.

You can download the Action log in any of the following format:

-  Comma-Separated Value (CSV)

 - Extensible Markup Language (XML)

 - Portable Document Format (PDF)

 - Microsoft Word (DOC)

 - Microsoft Powerpoint

 - Compressed HTML pages (ZIP)

 - Web Archive (HTML) - For Internet Explorer > 7 or any modern browser

Note: You can only download 10000 actions in a report at a given time.