Add a New User (using VM/VMDR)

Users cannot be added directly using applications like AV, TP, WAS, WAF, MD, CM, etc. If you want to add users, you can go to the Vulnerability Management (VM/VMDR) application and add them there.

What are the steps?

1) Choose VM/VMDR from the application picker.

2) Go to Users > Users and select New > User. Use the wizard to define the user settings. (If you would like help, click the Launch Help link in the upper right corner.) Once you've added the user, we'll send them a welcome email with login instructions.

3) For a non-Manager user, go to the Administration utility and edit the user's settings:

- Grant the user the UI Access permission (in roles and permissions). This is required to allow the user to log in to the user interface for your applications (AV, TP, WAS, WAF, MD, CM, etc).

- Grant the user access to assets in your subscription (in scope).