Global Template Permissions

Template permissions for widgets and dashboards are helpful in performing proper authorization checks when you create  templates. By default, all template permissions are assigned to the Unit Manager role. For the Scanner role, by default, the Create, Edit, and Delete your own templates permissions are assigned. Following are the Template permissions in the Administration utility:

- Create, Edit, and Delete your own templates: Provides the option to customize your templates. If a user is not assigned with this permission, the Create Template from this Widget and Create Template from this Dashboard options will be disabled for the user.

- Edit Template: Provides access to Customize Widget and Configure option in Dashboard.

- Delete Template: Provides access to delete your template.

To assign template permissions in the Administration utility perform the following steps:

1. Go to the Role Management tab.

2. Search for the role, from the search bar. Select the role and from Quick Actions menu and click Edit.

3. To customize the permissions, select or deselect the permissions and click Save.

Edit Template Permissions