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This document tells you all about installing Qualys Cloud Agent for Windows. This guide tells you about Requirements, Installation Steps, Proxy Support, Certificate Support, Anti-Virus and HIPS Exclusions, Best Practices, and more.

Qualys Cloud Agent Introduction

Qualys Cloud Platform gives you everything you need to continuously secure all of your global IT assets. Now with Qualys Cloud Agent, there is a revolutionary new way to help secure your network by installing lightweight cloud agents in minutes, on any host anywhere - such as laptops, desktops, or virtual machines.

Get informed quickly on Qualys Cloud Agent (CA) with the following Video Tutorials.

Cloud Agent Platform Introduction (2m 10s)

Getting Started Tutorial (6m 34s)

Installing MSI Based Package 

Cloud Agent Platform Availability Matrix

For the most current list of supported cloud agents with versions and modules on the Qualys Cloud Platform, please refer to the following article: Cloud Agent Platform Availability Matrix

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