Upload a Script

Upload a Script

You can upload a script from your local drive. The script size limit for any asset on both Windows and Linux platforms is 500 KB.

Uploading a script:

1. In the Script Details page, in the Scripts section, select the Upload Script option.

2. In the Select Script box, click Browse to navigate to the script that you want to upload and then click Next

When you upload a script, the script content is displayed in read-only format in the Script text box.

Note: If you are using a signed script, always use the browse mechanism to select it. This ensures that the signed script remains intact and can be executed on assets if the execution policy is set to AllSigned.

3. The Review and Confirm page displays the selections you have made for the script. It also highlights if the script you have entered contains any commands that may potentially impact the system behavior and performance.

4. Review your selections and then click Confirm & Save.


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