Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation

Enterprises usually have a large number of assets that need to be continuously monitored and remediated immediately when vulnerabilities and security gaps are found. Manually initiating remediation for each asset in the network can be a big challenge and traditional solutions do not provide response capabilities to execute custom commands to initiate quick remediations.

Qualys CAR provides a centralized way to proactively assess your assets for blind spots in custom configurations and zero-day vulnerabilities. It allows you to execute custom scripts to improve the compliance and security posture of assets in your network. With CAR, you can execute scripts for enhanced detections and response measures. It enables you to create or upload custom logic and execute it across the environment to assess and improve the compliance and security posture of the assets, eliminating the need for third-party software for executing custom scripts.

Benefits of Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation

  • Assess Risk of First-Party Applications

  • Identify and eliminate risk from open-source vulnerabilities

  • Expand the Enterprise TruRisk Platform with your own logic

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