Release 2.2

June 27, 2024

What's New?

View Script Details on the Job Page

You can view the script details from the Jobs page. This provides you better visibility and showcases all the script-related details.

You can view details such as platform, script type, scripting language, description, category, and so on.

To view script details, in the Jobs tab, select a job, and from the Quick Actions menu, click View Script Details.

View Script Details

In the View Details window, the Script Details section displays the details of the script as displayed in the following image:

Script Details

Sync Script with GitHub in Edit Script Flow

With this release, you can now sync the scripts with GitHub while editing the approved scripts that are imported from GitHub.

To enable or disable the sync in the Scripts tab, select a script, and from the Quick Actions menu, click Edit.

In the edit script flow, an approved script is imported from GitHub, in the Script Details, turn on the Sync the Script with GitHub toggle. When enabled, any changes made to the script on GitHub automatically update the script on the Qualys platform, even if it is approved.

Sync with GitHub

View Custom QIDs on the Scripts Tab

With this release, you can view Custom QIDs on the Scripts tab. A new column- Custom QID shows the list of Custom QID number.

Custom QID Numbers


  • With this release, you can add 100 assets to a list of non-production assets that are designated for script testing. 
  • With this release, you can now view the IP address along with the agent name while executing the script using Test or Run Now

View IP Address

  • Earlier, you could provide only two Return Codes while creating a Custom QID Script. With this release, you can now provide multiple return codes allowing you to give return codes for multiple scenarios.

API Enhancements

With this release, we have introduced three new APIs- Create Custom QID, Update Custom QID, and Search Custom QID. To learn more about the new APIs, refer to Qualys Custom Assessment and Remediation 2.2 API Release Notes.