Appendix A - Error Codes/Descriptions

This appendix lists the Certificate View API error codes and a code description. You can find the error code and text in the XML response for an API request that has an error.

HTTP Status

Error Code

Error Text


400 Bad Request


Missing required parameter(s):...

The API request did not contain one or more parameters that are required.

400 Bad Request


Please specify only one of these parameters:...

The API request contained 2 or more parameters from a group from which one may be specified at most.

400 Bad Request


parameter ... has invalid

value ...

The API request contained a valid parameter specified with an invalid value.

400 Bad Request


The following combination of key=value pairs is not supported:...

The API request contained an invalid or unsupported combination of parameters.

Invalid value for the following param. autoGenerateCSR: , true and encoded CSR is not null.

400 Bad Request


Malformed json

The JSON request is not formed correctly.

400 (Bad Request)


Field is not editable

The requested field can not be edited.

400 (Bad Request)


Enrollment is not supported for CA

Enrollment/renewal of certificates by the specified CA is currently not supported.

400 (Bad Request)


API key is not configured

Incorrect API details; please verify the API key in the Configuration tab.

400 (Bad Request)


Invalid renewal certificate

Renewal failed due to one of the following reasons:

  • Certificate not found in the inventory

  • Certificate is not a leaf certificate

  • Certificate is already in the process of being renewed

  • Certificate will not expire in the next 60 days

400 (Bad Request)


Certificate order type is not editable

Cannot change an enrollment request to renewal request or vice versa



User license is not authorized to run this API. 

The API request failed because the user’s subscription does not have API access enabled.



User does not have required permissions

The API request failed because the user does not have the required permissions. Check user permissions in Admin module.



User has exhausted the allocated number of licenses

The API request failed because the order exceeds the allocated license. count. Contact your Technical Account Manager for additional licenses.

404(Not Found)


Invalid certificate order 

Verify the order id.

 409 Conflict


API resource is not editable

Certificate request can not be updated once it is in the POSTED status.

 400 Bad Request


Please specify at least one of the following parameters:...

The API request was missing some required information (but not necessarily a single specific parameter).