View Certificate Details 

After your sites are scanned and if the sites are using certificates, then those certificates are listed under the Monitored tab.

You can view details like issuer information, grading, host instances, and certificate path of certificates discovered on your assets.

Go to Certificates > Monitored, and from the Quick Actions menu, select View Details of the selected certificate.

The Certificate Details page contains all the details related to the certificate like validity, issued to, issued by, fingerprints, hosts, certificate path and so on.

More about Grading

You can use a search query to find the certificates that are scanned through VM (Vulnerability Management) or Qualys Cloud Agent.

For example, instance:(sources: QAGENT)

To view the certificate details, go to View Details from the Quick Actions menu. Go to the Hosts tab.

You can view the details of assets with sources as VM or Qualys Agent. The certificate scanned through VM has  icon. The certificate scanned through Qualys Agent has  icon.

Cloud Agent scans do not support remote discovery, and hence the discovery of ports, protocols, services, grade, and grade summary are shown empty for certificates scanned through Qualys Agent.

QID is the unique Qualys ID number assigned to the vulnerability. A set of SSL certificate QIDs is always used for CertView scans. For QID details,  refer to the following topic  View Vulnerability tests (QIDs) for CertView Scans   

Archived Certificates

If you do not want a specific certificate to appear in any reports, Dashboards, or lists of certificates, then you can Archive that certificate.

Go to Certificates > Monitored tab and select Archive from Quick Actions of the selected certificate. You can choose to apply labels when you archive a certificate.

Once you archive the certificate, the certificate moves to the Archived tab, where you can view why the certificate is archived.

To view grades and other details about the certificate, you can check out the tutorial about Searching and Grades here.