Enroll Certificates in Certificate View

You can enroll or renew your certificates if your Certificate Authority is DigiCert,  To enroll for certificates, you must have one of these permissions:

Enroll for a Certificate

To enroll for a new certificate, navigate to Certificates > Monitored > New and choose Enroll. Follow the wizard to provide the information required to help us create an enrollment request.

Currently, you can create enroll requests only if the CAs are hosted by DigiCert.

Enroll for a new Certificate

Set the validity of the certificate for a year, a specific date, or a specific duration. From the list of users, select an approver who can approve this enrollment request before it is sent to DigiCert.

Provide additional details for your certificate


View Request Status

To view the status of all enrollment requests that you sent and received, click the Messages icon in the top right corner to view all the requests.