Tag-based User Scoping 

Tag-based user scoping (TBUS) allows a manger user to scope a sub-user’s access to assets based on tags. A manager user can restrict a sub-user’s access to assets and certificates based on Tag-based User Scope.

By default, the manager user has access to all the assets and tags.

Asset Tagging provides a flexible way to organize the assets in your environment. An asset tag is a tag assigned to one or more assets and allows sub-users to access those assets by assigning the same tag in their scope. If you have assigned a parent tag to a user, then the user has access to assets from the parent tag and all its child tags. If a user is assigned only a child tag, then the user can view assets with only the child tag.

For example, the manager user has 1000k assets. The manager user has assigned the Windows tag to 50k assets. The manager has assigned Windows tag to a sub user. In this case, the sub-user can view only 50k assets in the Assets tab and in Dashboard. In the Certificates tab, sub-user can view certificates found on those 50k assets.

You can apply tags manually or configure rules to classify your assets automatically. For more information on tagging asset, refer to Asset Tag of VM/VMDR Online help

For more information on Tag-based User Scoping, refer to VM/VMDR Online help.