Searching for Reports and Certificate Authorities in Certificate View

You can use search tokens to search for information on the Reports and Configuration tabs.

Reports Tab | Configuration Tab

Tokens applicable in the Reports tab

Use a text value ##### to specify the report name.

Note: The search is case-sensitive, the query searches the exact name provided in the token.


Show report with name scan_assetgroup1 scan_assetgroup1


Use the token values to help report status. Choose the status values from Accepted, Completed, Failed, Generated, Incomplete, or Processing.


Show reports with this status

report.status: Completed


Use the values On Demand | Scheduled to specify the type of the report .


Show all the scheduled reports

report.type: Scheduled 


Use the value CSV to specify the format of the report.


Show all the reports in CSV format

report.format: CSV

Tokens applicable in the Configuration tab


Use a text value ##### to specify the type of Certificate Authority you are looking for. Choose the values from: Root, Intermediate.


Show certificates that have CA type Intermediate

authorities: Intermediate

Supported Boolean Operators

The Qualys Query Language (QQL) supports the following logical or Boolean query operators. Use these operators in your queries to narrow down or broaden your search.


Narrow down the search by using the and operator in the Boolean query. The result contains all the token values that are provided in the query.


Show the scan_assetgroup1 report with the status completed. and report.status Completed

Note: Do not use the same token two times with and operator.