Prerequisites for FlexScan

Below we list the required configurations and permissions necessary to run any of our available FlexScan. Refer to Configure FlexScan to get the detail steps on how to configure your preferred FlexScan.

Zero-Touch API Scanning

Let's look at the Qualys and AWS configurations required to enable Zero-Touch API Scans.

Qualys Console Pre-requisites

AWS Console Pre-requisites

Zero-touch Snapshot-based Scan

Let's look at the pre-requisites to enable zero-touch snapshot-based scan.


Cloud Perimeter Scanning

The TotalCloud application Connectors provides an automated way to launch the cloud perimeter scans on the publicly-exposed cloud assets based on the configuration defined in the Connector.


Similarly, you can enable a cloud perimeter scan for AWS organization connector and define a custom scan configuration for scheduling the perimeter scan. The custom scan configuration is applied to all the member connectors during the cloud perimeter scan.

If you do not define the custom scan configuration, the global scan configuration is used for launching the perimeter scans. 

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