Manage Custom Control Permissions

We have provided specific permissions for the user-defined controls. 

By default, permission to create/edit user-defined controls is accessible to all the Manager users. You can assign access to sub-users based on their Roles. For a sub-user to be able to create or edit user-defined controls, a user with Manager role needs to assign permission to the sub users from the Administration utility.

Permissions for user-defined controls

For creating copies of existing controls, editing, or deleting user-defined controls, you must enable the Manage Custom Control permission for the TotalCloud application.

With this permission, the user can perform the following actions:

- Create copy of run-time control for all Cloud providers. 

- Delete user-defined controls for all Cloud providers. The controls can be QFlow-based controls or controls created as a copy of other run-time controls. 

Permissions for QFlow-based controls

For creating and editing QFlow-based controls, you must enable the Read Permissions for the Qualys Flow module in addition to the Manage Custom Controls permissions in the TotalCloud application.

With these permissions, the user can peform the following actions:

- Create QFlow-based controls for AWS cloud provider.

- Refresh QFlow while editing the control created for AWS cloud provider.