Remediation Permissions

We have provided permission for remediation. You can choose to enable to disable remediation for sub-users.

By default, remediation is accessible to all the Manager users. You can assign access to sub-users based on their Roles. For a sub user to be able to perform remediation actions, a user with Manager role needs to assign the permission to the sub users from the Administration utility.

Permission in Admin utility to enable remediation for sub users.

There are two types of sub users that a user with Manager role can create. Depending on the permissions you assign to the role, you could categorize the sub users as follows:

All privilege: You need to assign Manage Remediation permission to a sub user with all privileges so that the sub user can perform all actions related to remediation.

Reader privileges: Sub User with Reader role can view remediable controls and connectors for which remediation is enabled. The sub user can neither create or edit connectors with remediation enable, nor can they execute any remediation actions on any of the resources.