Reporting Permissions

We have provided permission for reporting. You can choose to enable or disable access to CloudView reports for sub-users.

By default, the global reporting permissions are inherited by all the Manager users. A CloudView reporting functions are available to the Manager user. The manager can assign access to sub-users based on their Roles. For a sub user to be able to perform reporting actions, a user with Manager role needs to assign the permission to the sub users from the Administration utility.

Pre-Defined Role with Reporting Permissions

We provide a pre-defined role called 'CloudView - only Reports' which has the Assign Global Reporting Permissions enabled. Assigning this role means the sub-user only inherits the Global Reporting permissions. You can assign this role to any sub-user to provide access to CloudView reports.

To assign this role, navigate to the Administration utility, go to Users > Role Management.

Select the CloudView- only Reports role and choose "Add To Users" from the Quick Actions menu. Then select users to assign the role to and click Save. You can remove roles from users in a similar way - just select the action Remove From Users.

CloudView Reporting Permissions

There are two types of sub users that a user with Manager role can create. Depending on the permissions you assign to the role, you could categorize the sub users as follows:

All privilege: You need to select Assign Global Reporting Permissions for a sub-user to inherit the global reporting permissions for CloudView reports. 

Reader privileges: Sub-User with Reader role can view reporting controls and connectors for which reporting control is enabled. The sub user can  create, edit or delete reports if the manager has given the reader the necessary permissions.

List of reporting permissions