Resource Misconfiguration

Upon setting up the connector, it starts discovering the resources in your account. All the resources collected will be assessed against the controls from the out-of-box policies. Posture view in the TotalCloud application reports resource misconfigurations and provides you the details of compliant and non-compliant resources.

The primary goal of the use case is:

- Get centralized visibility of all non-compliant resources across your multiple accounts

- Drill-down and identify the misconfiguration by service, control criticality, account, policy, and region

- View the number of resources evaluated against each control and the count of pass/failed resources

- View the resources that failed for a specific control, view the actual values configured.

- View the remediation steps to fix the problem in your account.

Posture view will help you to get an answer to the following common questions:

- Find controls that are passed/failed across all my accounts

- Find controls that are passed/failed for a specific account

- Find the most failed control across all my accounts

- Find the top most accounts that have maximum failures/non-compliant resources

- For a list of policies getting evaluated against the resources refer to the list