Manage Alerts

The Activity tab lists all the alerts. Here you will see for each alert, rule name, success or failure in sending the alert message, aggregate enabled (Yes) or disabled (No) for the rule, action chosen for the rule, matches found for the rule, and the user who created the rule.

-Search for alerts using our search tokens.

-Select a period to view the rules triggered during that time frame.

-Click any bar to jump to the alerts triggered in a certain time-frame.

-Use these filters to group the alerts by rule name, action name, email recipients, and status.

Sample QueriesSample Queries

Scenario 1: Rules with specific name and are successfully executed with PagerDuty action.

ruleName:"api test sub name rule" and status:SUCCESS and action.type:PAGERDUTY

Sample query to manage alerts

Scenario 2: Rules that were triggered during a certain date range

statusDate:[2021-01-02 ... 2021-06-02] and status:SUCCESS

Scenario 3: Rules with specific action triggered to specific recipient.

action.type:EMAIL and