Release 2.2

March 19, 2024

What’s New?

Connector 2.2 brings updates to GCP connectors and introduces new tokens.

Google Cloud Platform

Added Support to Scan VM Instances Discovered by GCP Connectors

 This feature is delivered as part of Connector 2.2, but it is enabled after the release of Qualys Cloud Platform 10.26.1 and Qualys Cloud Platform

With this release, we have added support to activate scans on your VM instances while creating GCP Connectors. You can choose from the vailable Qualys applications to perform different scans. Select from the checkboxes for Vulnerability Management (VM), Policy Compliance (PC) or Software Composition Analysis scans.

This feature is available due to the addition of Asset Inventory support in GCP Connectors. You can find 'Asset Inventory' on the Basic Details screen of your GCP Connectors.

To enable these features, navigate to the Connector application.

Click Create Connector > Tags and Activation and Select the required checkboxes.

Tags and Activation for GCP Connectors

 To select PC scan, contact support to enable Compliance Manager and PC Agent for your account.

New Tokens

With this release, we have introduced support for new tokens.

Module Tokens for GCP Connectors

You can find these tokens for selecting modules on the GCP Connector screen. 

Navigate to Google Cloud Platform Connectors and search for your required module.





Displays connectors that have enabled automatic activation and tagging of assets for the specified apps (VM, PC, or SCA).

module: VM
application Select the application (CSPM, AssetView) in which the connector is created. application: AssetView

Issues Addressed

  • We fixed an issue where the Apply Tags API resulted in an "Internal Server Error".
  • We fixed an issue where member connectors failed to inherit the applications activated for vulnerability scanning from the organization connector.
  • We fixed an issue where member connectors failed to fetch assets when the Azure Tenant connector was updated from CSPM to Asset Inventory. Relevant code changes have been made to fix this issue.
  • We fixed an issue where GovCloud member connectors failed due to a misconfiguration in the ARN created by organization connectors.