Release 2.3

May 30, 2024

What’s New?

Connector 2.3 brings updates to AWS connectors and bug fixes.

Amazon Web Services

Added Support for AWS BottleRocket OS to Snapshot-based Scan

With this release, the TotalCloud Snapshot-based scan technique supports securing the workloads of AWS BottleRocket OS. This support adds another dimension to the OS and container-level workload protection that TotalCloud's agentless scanning offers. 

We currently support AWS BottleRocket OS versions 1.15 to 1.19 for Snapshot-based scanning.

Enhancements to Performance of Snapshot-based Scan 

With this release, the scanner machine for Snapshot-based scan no longer uses SSM for communication; we have added support for a new HTTP server instead. As a result, scan deployments are faster and more cost-effective, and the previously recommended Transaction-per-Second (TPS) limit of 25 is no longer required for customers running Snapshot v4 on their subscriptions. 

Issues Addressed

We fixed an issue where AWS Organization connectors had exception errors due to conflicting tag key-value pairs associated with different member connectors.