Release 1.32.2

April 29. 2024 

Qualys strongly recommends upgrading your Container Security Sensor to 1.32.2 version. 

What's New?

Updates in Qualys ECS Fargate Scanning Stack

Qualys strongly recommends using the latest Qualys Cloud Formation Template and the updated Qualys Lambda function while scanning the container images in ECS Fargate. 

Change in Runtime

Earlier, the Sensor deployment failed as Qualys Cloud Formation Template was using 'go1.x' runtime which is replaced by Amazon with 'provided.al2' or '' runtime. With this release, we have updated the Qualys Cloud Formation template to support provided.al2 or provided.al2023

Update in CS Lambda Function and S3 Bucket Key 

In order to support the new runtime (provided.al2 or provided.al2023), we have updated the Qualys Container Security Lambda Function S3 bucket key. Going forward, you need to use this bucket key: while scanning the Container images in AWS Fargate. To know more details about container image scans, refer to Scan Container Images in AWS Fargate (ECS) topic in the Sensor Deployment Guide.

Issue Addressed

The following issue has been fixed with this release:

Category Issue
SCA Scan Vulnerability processing was impacted for images scanned through the General/CICD sensor (SCA enabled). As a result, Vulnerabilities for those images were not displayed on the Qualys Portal (Assets > Images).