Release 1.32

March 14. 2024

The minimum Container Security Sensor version for GHCR repository scans is 1.32.0.
The minimum Container Security Sensor version for all other types of scan is 1.22.0. 

What’s New?

Support for "GitHub Container Registry" 

A new registry type for the GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) is now available. Earlier, GHCR was supported under the "Docker V2- Private" category. GHCR option supports all GitHub accounts - Personal, Enterprise, and Organization. 

Support for Backslash (\) in Secret Detector Regex

With this release, the Regex field of a secret detector supports the backslash (\) character. Backslash is used to mention special characters. For example, you can use characters such as - "\." , "\*" , "\\" (escaped special characters) in the Regex field.

Known Issues

The following issue has been identified in this release:

Category Issue
Docker The Sensor does not support Docker version 25.0.0 or later.

Issues Addressed

The following issues have been fixed with this release:

Category Issue
Qualys Agent Tolerations defined by a customer on Qualys Agent, failed to get applied on scanning pods spun by the Qualys Sensor.
Scan While running a scan, the Qualys Sensor in an Openshift environment created zombie processes and failed to kill them.
Registry Sensor  Sensor failed to login to the secured registry (HTTPS) having a self-signed certificate and it showed the error - "Certificate signed by unknown authority" on containerd runtime.
With this release, users can either provide the certificate through the yaml file or use the "--insecure-registry" argument to ignore the certificate check.
Registry Sensor Sensor failed to login to the registry with an error "unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'"  if the registry login password contains any "`" characters.