Show Lists in Your Account

Fetches the QID lists available in your account.


Input ParametersInput Parameters

Parameter Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
filter Optional string

Filter the lists by providing a query using Qualys syntax.

Refer to the “How to Search” topic in the online help for assistance with creating your query.

pageNumber Optional integer

The page to be returned. Page numbers start with 1.

The default value is 1.

pageSize Optional integer

The number of records per page to be included in the response.

The default value is 50.

sort Optional string

Sort the results using a Qualys token.

The default value is status:desc.

Refer to the “Sortable tokens” topic in the online help for more information.

Sample: Fetch the Lists from Your AccountSample: Fetch the Lists from Your Account

API Request

curl -X "GET"
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"


    "data": [
            "listId": "64b2b343-6d3c-43ba-8912-97e45de0b460",
            "name": "Test02_okay",
            "created": "1687518584185",
            "createdBy": "rq30",
            "updated": "1687518584185",
            "updatedBy": "rq30",
            "scope": "VULNERABILITY",
            "listType": "STATIC",
            "qidCount": 52
            "listId": "7788d038-521f-4cc8-9927-eb9b2a87ece4",
            "name": "rails_exc",
            "created": "1687513890947",
            "createdBy": "rq30",
            "updated": "1687513890947",
            "updatedBy": "rq30",
            "scope": "VULNERABILITY",
            "listType": "STATIC",
            "qidCount": 1
            "listId": "43bcefbf-74cd-4d67-9b87-f3f4284d8cce",
            "name": "test002_list",
            "created": "1687752546527",
            "createdBy": "rq30",
            "updated": "1687752546527",
            "updatedBy": "rq30",
            "scope": "VULNERABILITY",
            "listType": "STATIC",
            "qidCount": 0
    "count": 3



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