Show Details of a Secret Detector

Shows details of the specified secret detector. In this API response, the Regex value is shown in Base 64 ("ISO-8859-1"
Character Set) encoded format. 


Input ParametersInput Parameters

Parameter Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
secretDetectorId Mandatory string Provide the ID/UUID of the secret detector of which you want to fetch details.

Sample: Show details of a Secret DetectorSample: Show details of a Secret Detector

API Request

curl -X "GET"
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"


    "ruleUuid": "02e9a634-c96c-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002",
    "type": "system",
    "category": "Typeform",
    "severity": "LOW",
    "secretDetector": "Typeform API Token",
    "status": "Active",
    "created": "1681987259554",
    "updated": "1681987259554",
    "createdBy": "System",
    "updatedBy": "System",
    "regex": "LipnaXQuKg==",
   "keywords": [