Update a Secret Detector 

Lets you update the status and severity of a secret detection rule.


Input ParametersInput Parameters

Parameter Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
secretRuleId Mandatory string Specify the UUID of the secret rule that you want to update.
category Optional string Specify category in which you want to create a secret detector.
regex Optional BASE64 encoded value Specify the encoded regex of the secret detector that you want to create.
The valid encoding format - Base 64 (ISO-8859-1 Character Set)
secretDetector Optional string Specify name of the secret detector.
severity Optional string Specify the severity.
The valid values are: low, medium, high, and critical.
secretRuleStatus Optional string Specify the status.
The valid values are "active" and "inactive". 
Optional string Specify type of the secret detector. 
The valid values is: custom
keywords Optional string Specify keywords related to the secret detector.

Sample: Update a Secret DetectorSample: Update a Secret Detector

The following request shows how to disable a secret detector. Keeping rest of the values as constant, secretRuleStatus value needs to be changed from Active to Inactive.

API Request

curl -X "PUT"
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "{
  "category": "db",
  "keywords": [
  "regex": "KD9pKSg/UDxrZXk+bWVzc2FnZWJpcmRbYS16MC05XyAuXFwtLF17MCwyNX0pKD18Pnw6PXxcXHxcXHw6fDw9fD0+fDopLnswLDV9WydcXFwiXSg/UDxzZWNyZXQ+W2EtaDAtOV17OH0tW2EtaDAtOV17NH0tW2EtaDAtOV17NH0tW2EtaDAtOV17NH0tW2EtaDAtOV17MTJ9KVsnXFxcIl0=",
  "secretDetector": "Skype_key",
  "severity": "HIGH",
  "secretRuleStatus": "Inactive",
  "type": "custom"


"updated secret rule: ": "ff34aaee-e4c2-11ed-b5ea-0242ac120002"