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View Runtime Events

Runtime events will be listed on the Events tab. Here you can search events and drill-down into event details. Use options on the left side bar to quickly find events by the action taken (Allowed, Monitored, Denied) and the event type (Behavior, Standard).

Use the search field above the list to find events by event details like the container SHA the event is associated with, system call, process, and more.

List of runtime events

Drill-down into the details

You can choose from the following options for any event in the list:

View Details - Select this option from the Quick Actions menu to get event details like the process, system call, file name and action.

View Container Details - Select this option from the Quick Actions menu to see container details, including events, runtime profile, container information, associations and vulnerabilities.

Quick Actions menu for events

View event details on dashboard

Go to Dashboard and you'll see widgets with info about events like the number of events by action, event type and system call name. You'll also see the number of images that have been successfully instrumented and the number of images currently queued for instrumentation.

Here's a sample dashboard. Check out the dashboard in your own account to see all widgets and customize them to suit your needs.

Sample dashboard