View Cluster Admission Events

Similar to CI/CD events, the Cluster Admission events are listed under the Events tab. Search for Cluster Admission events using the Search bar to get more details. You can see the event policy evaluation whether the event is Allowed (passed), Denied (Rejected), or Audit. This is based on the evaluation of the associated policy rule.

Column Description
EVENT Shows the name of the cluster admission event.

Specify policy evaluation results. 
Valid values: 

  • Allowed - The cluster admission event is allowed.
  • Denied - The cluster admission event is denied.
  • Not Evaluated - The cluster admission event is not evaluated.

Inspects the incoming request.

Valid values:

  1. AUDIT: Irrespective of the policy enforced, your admission request is always allowed.
  2. BLOCK: The cluster admission event will be validated, and based on the evaluation, your action will be either allowed or denied.

Specify the scope of the associated cluster admission policy.

Valid values:

  • Cluster - Indicates the Cluster level policy
  • Namespace - Indicates the Namespace level policy
  • Organization - Indicates the Organization level policy
  • No Policy - No policy is assigned to the cluster admission event.
CLUSTER Shows the name of the cluster.
NAMESPACE Specify the namespace associated with the cluster admission event.
CREATED ON Specify the event creation time.



Click View Details to see more details about a selected Cluster Admission event.

The Policy Evaluation page provides more details about the number of images associated with the cluster admission event and details of the rule, such as name, status, action, and outcome. These details help you understand the action taken regarding the associated rule. The following table shows rule actions and their details.

Rule Action Description
Allow Policy is allowed. All rules within the policy are evaluated as Allowed.
Deny Policy is denied. If any rule within the policy is evaluated as Denied.


The Policy Evaluation page also provides additional details such as


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