Editing System Secret Detectors

You can change the Severity and Status of Secret Detectors. Any one of the following Severity options can be assigned to a Secret Detector - Critical, High, Medium, and Low. 

You can disable a secret detector from the Sensor scanning by disabling it. This option is useful for you to mark a false-positive secret detector or if you can take the risk of vulnerabilities present in the Secrete Detector.  

Edit Secret Detector

  1. Go to Configurations and select the Secret Detection section.

    The page shows the list of secret detectors along with the associated Category, Type, Severity, and so on.

  2. Search the secret detector which you want to edit and hover over it. Click the drop-down icon present on the secret detector. 
  3. To change the Status of a Secret Detector,
    Select Enable or Disable from the drop-down. Disabled secret detector is considered as inactive and it is skipped from the Sensor scanning. 

    Severity or Status changes made in a Secret Detector do not affect any previously scanned images. You need to re-scan the images to reflect the new changes made in a Secret Detector.

    To change Severity of a secret detector,
    Select Change Severity from the drop-down. Select the appropriate severity from the available options, and click Change Severity.


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