Working with Custom Secret Detectors

You can create customized Secret Detectors.   

Create a Secret Detector

  1. Go to Configurations and select the Secret Detection section.
  2. Click New Secret Detector
  3. Fill-in the required secret detector details and click Save.

    To avoid false positive secret detector identification, Regex field does not allow wild-card characters.
    List of wild-card characters - 
    {".", "\\.", ".?", ".*", ".+", "[\\s\\S]", "[\\w\\W]", "[\\d\\D]"}

    The Regex field also doesn't support "\" (back-slash) character.

The newly created secret detector will be visible under the Secret Detection tab and ready for its use as per your settings.


Edit a Custom Secret Detector

You can edit all fields of a Custom Secret Detector.

  1. Click the Quick Actions menu of a Custom Secret Detector, and select Edit.
  2. Edit the required fields of the secret detector and click Save.


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