Release 1.30

November 1, 2023

What’s New?

Editing Secret Detection System Rules

Secret Detectors are sets of rules to discover the presence of sensitive information, such as passwords, API keys, and other credentials, within the container images. Currently, Qualys offers 85 System Secret Detectors to you. These Secret Detectors are displayed under Container Security > Configuration > Secret Detection.

Earlier, System Secret Detectors were not editable. With this release, Container Security now allows you to change the severity of the System Secret Detectors. The new Secret Detection enhancement gives you the flexibility to reduce or increase the severity of the Secret Detectors and enable or disable them.

Disabling a Secret Detector shows its Status as Inactive. Inactive Secret Detectors are skipped from the Sensor scanning. You can use this feature to mask the unwanted or false-positive Secret Detectors.

Severity or Status changes made in a Secret Detector do not affect any previously scanned images. You need to re-scan the images to reflect the new changes made in a Secret Detector.

Supporting Dynamic Vulnerability Exceptions

We have now introduced a new vulnerability exception type - "Dynamic", which is now the default selection available for Vulnerability Exception type. You can access this option while filling basic details of a new exception.

With this release, for the sensor hosted in the AWS EC2 environment, the AWS EC2 instance ID of the host is now displayed in the sensor details and the details of containers being scanned by the sensor. You can use a specific QQL to automatically apply the dynamic exception to match the QQL Pattern. A query search requires exact string match, and it does not allow wildcard entry.

The newly created images or containers that match search criteria get the vulnerability exception appended automatically. This new exception is applied not just to all future images or containers but also to the images and containers which have been scanned in the past 30 days.

Issues Addressed

The following issues have been fixed with this release:

Category Issue
Reports A user was unable to get email notifications of the scheduled reports.
QScanner A user failed to scan images and instead received Poll Timeout error while running the QScanner.
Sensor A signed artifact failed to be deleted from the Registry sensor host after completing a scan.
Container Security The users were unable to run a Force Rescan operation and they had to contact Qualys support for the same. Qualys has enabled Force Re-scan feature for all users.