Purging Assets from the Inventory Page

You can purge assets with the DNSNAME, IP, and NETBIOS inventory sources. 

Complete the following steps to purge assets:

1.  Go to the Inventory > Assets tab, filter your assets based on the required inventory source, and choose the assets you want to purge.

2.  Select the check box next to the asset you want to purge, and from the Quick Actions menu, click Purge Asset.

Purge Asset Option.

Note: You can also purge multiple assets. Select the assets you want to purge, and from the Actions list, click Purge Assets.

3.  A confirmation message is shown. Click the check box to confirm to purge the selected asset or assets from your account, and click Confirm.

Confirmation message.

The assets you selected are added for purging. After the assets are purged, they are no more visible on the "Inventory" page.