Cloud Details Reports

Go to the Reports tab, and from the Create Report list, click Cloud Details. You can see the available templates for various cloud asset types, such as AWS Details, GCP Details, Azure Details, IBM Details, and OCI Details. You can generate the report for a particular cloud asset type using the required template.

Cloud details report template.

The report creation steps are similar to the other report types. 

-    While creating a report, when you add assets to include in the report’s scope, only the assets for the selected cloud asset type are shown in the “Select Assets” window. 

As shown in the following screen capture, the AWS cloud assets are shown in the “Select Assets” window while creating an AWS details report.

AWS cloud assets shown in the Select Assets Window.

-    The columns specific to the selected cloud asset are shown in the Report Display step. See the following screen capture that shows the columns specific to AWS cloud assets. 

Columns specific to AWS cloud assets.