Interactive Report (Beta)

An interactive report helps you to identify security and configuration gaps on the most critical assets.

How to generate an interactive report?

1) Go to Reports and click Create Interactive Report.

2) Select tags for the assets to be included in the report from the Get Started with Asset Health Report page and proceed.

Select Tags

3) Once you select the tags and proceed to the Interactive Report page –

(A) You’ll see total assets, internet exposed assets, and assets with security gaps

(B) You can limit your report based on the inclusion of business context, asset categories, and security gaps

(C) Click Generate Report button which shows a segregated view of the report below the ‘Generate Report’ button.

(D) Click Save & Download button to save a report and download it in the CSV and PDF format.

Interactive Report

4) Click on the security gap data card to view the list of respective assets or software. For example, the above report shows 20 ‘Unauthorized Software’ and clicking on it gives a list of those 20 assets as shown below:


Export To Dashboard

You can export the CSAM Interactive report to the dashboard in the form of a widget and continuously monitor the widget to check your assets with their security gap.

Here are the steps to export the CSAM interactive report to the dashboard.

Note: The Export to Dashboard button is enabled only after generating the CSAM Interactive report.

1) On the Interactive report, click Export to Dashboard.  

2) Provide a name for the widget.

3) Select the Dashboard to want to add the widget and then click Export.

The widget is added to the dashboard.

How to save and download a report?

Once you generate the report, a Save & Download button gets enabled.

1) Click Save & Download button from the top right corner of the Interactive Report page.

2) Populate the data in the Save and Download Report pop-up. You must select any (or All) of the summary checkbox to include in the report. Select the format of the report to be generated from CSV or PDF. Select the appropriate timezone.


3) Click Save (to only save the report) or Save & Download (to save and instantly download the report) button. Once you save the report, you can download the report from the “Info” option of the quick action menu from report list.

From the Quick Actions option for a particular report, you can

- execute the report at any time with Run Now option

- download CSV/PDF format report with Download option

- delete the report with Delete option

- see report information with Info option