Technology Debt Report

We introduced a Technology Debt (Tech Debt) report in PDF format. The following are the features and benefits of this report:

- Communicates a transparent and actionable assessment of your Enterprise’s Tech Debt.

- Highlights risks associated with End-of-Life (EoL) and End-of-Support (EoS) hardware and software with a new executive-ready report.

- Enables you to prioritize and proactively plan upgrades for highly vulnerable End-of-Support software that will not have security patches.

- By fostering a proactive risk management culture and informed decision-making, you can effectively protect your assets and align your security efforts with your overarching business goals.

To create the Technology Debt Report, go to Reports > Create Report > Technology Debt Report.

Step 1: Basic Details

Provide the report title and description for the asset details report. Click Next.

Step 2: Report Source

In the Report Source step, specify assets or asset tags to include in your report.

-  Include hosts for tags:  Click to add the assets with tags. You can search and select an asset with tags.

Once you select the report source, click Next.

Step 3: Report Display

Set up an email notification. Select Send Email (via Qualys) from the Actions list and complete the following steps:

i) Enter the email addresses in the Recipients field. You can enter up to 50 email addresses separated by a comma.

ii) Enter the email subject line in the Subject Line field.

iii) Enter the message text in the Message field.

iv) Select the Restrict downloads checkbox. Enter the number in the Enter Limit field to limit the number of times the report can be downloaded from the report link that will be sent through the email notification.

(3) Click Next.

Step 4: Report Schedule

Define the report schedule and click Next.

On Demand: The report gets generated once it is created. Select the timezone for dates in the report to be generated.

Schedule: The report is generated according to the defined schedule. You can create a recurring schedule for report execution. Select the timezone for dates in the report to be generated.

You can manage schedules (view info, delete, and pause/resume schedule) from the Reports > Schedule tab.

Step 5: Review and Confirm

Review your selections and click Finish. You can edit basic details, report source, report display, and report schedule from this step if required.

The Technology Debt report is generated in PDF format. When the report status is Completed, you can download it from the Reports tab.

Note: When the VMDR customers with GAV can generate the Technology Debt (Tech Debt) report, which also starts a CSAM trial. After the Tech Debt report is generated, you can view its details from the Reports tab. The report status is shown as Completed, and you can download it.