Automated Technology Debt Report

Learn more about generating the automated Technology Debt (Tech Debt) report from a CSAM (Trial and Full) subscription. 

Note: The Tech Debt Report for CSAM (trial and full) users is available upon request. Contact your Technical Account Manager or Qualys Support.

The following are features and benefits of the Technology Debt (Tech Debt) report, which is in PDF format.

- Communicates a transparent and actionable assessment of your Enterprise’s Tech Debt.

- Highlights risks associated with End-of-Life (EoL) and End-of-Support (EoS) hardware and software with a new executive-ready report.

- Enables you to prioritize and proactively plan upgrades for highly vulnerable End-of-Support software that will not have security patches.

By fostering a proactive risk management culture and informed decision-making, you can protect your assets and align your security efforts with your overarching business goals.

Go to the Dashboard tab and click Generate to download the Tech Debt report. 

Tech Debt Report Generation from CSAM.

Important to Know!

After the Tech Debt report is ready, by default, the notification is sent to the requester's email ID and the registered email ID for the subscription.

But if you want the email notification to be sent to other recipients as well, you can do that. To do so, on the Technology Debt Report Generation page, you can enter a comma-separated list of the intended recipients' email IDs to whom you want the email notification to be sent.

recipients' email IDs.

Download the Automated Technology Debt Report

- You will receive an email notification when the report is ready. You can download the report by clicking the link in the email.  Alternatively, you can download the report by clicking Download Report from the notification menu on the CSAM UI.

- The report is also available to download from the Reports tab.

Download Tech Debt Report.