Manage Port Rule

From the Quick Actions menu of the Port Rule, you can view, edit, delete, enable/disable, and create an alert for the rule.

Software Rules Quick Options.

(1) View: Click View to see the rule details.

(2) Edit: Click Edit to edit and update the rule as required.

(3) Delete: Click Delete to delete the rule. After clicking on Delete button, it shows a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to delete the selected rule.

(4) Enable/Disable: Click Enable or Disable button to enable or disable the rule.

(5) Create Alert: Click Create Alert to create an alert for unauthorized port installation on assets associated with tags mentioned in this rule.

Create Alert for Port Rule.

The port rule and the created alert can be independently modified without impacting each other.

For example, if you create an alert named ‘port_rule_1’ based on the port rule named ‘port_rule_1’ and later modify the rule, the alert won’t change automatically, or vice versa.