Deactivating Web Applications

1.  Go to Inventory > Web Applications > Web Apps tab. Select the checkbox next to the web application and click Deactivate WAS from the Quick Actions menu

Deactivate WAS.

Note: You can also deactivate multiple web applications at a time. To deactivate multiple web applications, select the checkboxes next to the web apps, and click Deactivate WAS from the Actions menu.

Deactivate multiple web apps.

2. The confirmation message is shown. Click Confirm to deactivate WAS.

Once you deactivate the WAS for your selected web application, you are redirected to the Web Apps tab. From the Web App tabs, you can see that the web application name color changes to black, and it's not clickable too. Also, WAS module is not shown under the Modules column.

After you deactivate a web app from CSAM, its entry is retained under Web Apps. But it is no longer shown in the WAS module.

WAS deactivated.