Connect to Host

The Connect to host option in the Assets tab allows you to execute the Windows shell command on the selected endpoint for investigation purposes.


User Role Permissions

By default, the file path in the remote shell executes in the C drive. Use the help command to view the list of supported commands. You can also use the help command and the supported command to view the syntax and description of the command. For example, to view the syntax and description of users command, use: help users.

Each user can establish only 10 connections at a time. Contact Qualys Support if you need more information for the connection request. 

Perform the following steps to access Connect to host option:

  1. From the Assets tab, hover the mouse on any of the assets to view the Quick Actions menu.
  2. Select Connect to host.

    Connect to host option in Quick Actions menu of Assets tab.

    The command prompt takes a few minutes to establish the host connection. If the remote shell fails to connect after three consecutive attempts within the timeframe of 10 minutes, your access gets blocked for 10 minutes. In such a scenario, a message notifies that - Agent is not reachable. Please try after some time.

  3. Once the remote shell is connected, it lists the supported command. Type the command in the Enter command window and click Run to execute the command.

    In the following screenshot, we used the users command as an example:

    Remote shell window, when user clicks Connect to host from the Quick Actions menu

  4. Click the download button  in the shell prompt to download the logs.

  5. Click End Session to close the Remote shell window. 

    If there has been no activity for 5 minutes, a confirmation message is displayed. Click Yes, to stay connected.