Custom Scan Settings for OnAccess Scan

  • File Actions for Malicious Detection - Select the actions to perform on files in case of malicious detection.
  • Scan Details for Malicious Detection - Select the following actions to enable the scan options:
    • New or Changed Files: Select this option to scan only the new or changed files in your system. 
    • Boot Sector: Boot sector contains the code to initate the boot process. Select this option to scan the boot sector, to avoid any infectious code manipulating the sector and making it inaccessible. 
    • Process Memory: Process Memory scan option detects the in-memory malicious behavior.  
    • Keyloggers: A keylogger malware in your system keeps a record of keystrokes when you type from your system keyboard.  Select the Keyloggers option to identify existence of such keylogger malware in your system. 
    • Archive Scanning: Select the Archive Scanning option to scan your archived files. 
  • PUA Scanning - Potentially Unwanted Appliction (PUA) option is by default enabled. PUAs are adwares that are installed without user consent. This option scans for such unwanted applications.
  • Deferred Scanning - Deferred Scanning option is by default enabled. It improves system performance during file access operations.
  • Actions for Infected and Suspected Files - Depending on the type of detected file, you can select Primary and Secondary Actions such as - Move to Quarantine, Deny, Disinfect, and Delete.
    • The Move to Quarantine option moves detected files to the quarantine folder.
    • The Deny option denies access to the detected files.
    • Use the Disinfect option to remove the malware code from the infected files. 
    • Selecting the Delete option deletes the detected files from the disk with no prior warning. 

The following screenshot is an example of the Custom Scan Setting: