Get Started with Malware Protection

We’ll help you quickly get started with the Malware Protection setup. You must install the Qualys Cloud Agent in your environment and have an active Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) subscription.

Setup Cloud Agent

You’ll need to install a Cloud Agent activated for EDR on each asset you want to monitor for suspicious activity.

If you are a new customer, you must first download and install the default EDR key.

If you are an existing customer, you can either:

- Select the existing activation key and upgrade the associated agents for EDR.

- Install the new Cloud Agent and activate the agent for EDR.

For more information about installing and enabling Cloud Agent and EDR, see

- EDR Getting Started Guide

- Cloud Agent Getting Started Guide.

Windows Cloud Agent version 4.1 and above must utilize all the EDR functionalities.

Qualys EDR can co-exist with other antimalware software. However, suppose you are using Qualys EDR with enabled Malware Protection capabilities in that case, admins must allow appropriate processes, internal tools, and other corporate applications so that our Malware Protection does not inadvertently block their functionalities. Failing to follow the allowed processes might affect your operations and cause problems with the application functionality.