Install Cloud Agents for FIM

Agent installations are managed in Cloud Agent (CA).


Qualys Cloud Agent Platform

Our revolutionary platform gives you continuous security updates through the cloud using lightweight cloud agents. Go to Cloud Agent (CA) app to install agents and activate them for FIM. It's possible to activate existing agents for FIM with other capabilities like VM and PC.

Let's get started!

Choose CA (Cloud Agent) from the module picker.

We recommend our Quick Start Guide

Here you can review requirements and get help with installing and activating agents.

Choose from your user menu if you don't see it.

What are the steps?

Create an activation key. Go to Activation Keys, click the New Key button. Give it a title, provision for the FIM application and click Generate.

New key option under Activation Keys in Cloud Agent.

As you can see you can provision the same key for any of the other applications in your account.

New Activation Key settings: Provisioning activation key for FIM application.

Download Installer

Pick either Windows or Linux to download the agent installer. Want to do this step later?Want to do this step later?

No problem, just exit the wizard. When you're ready return to your activation keys list, select the key you want to use, then Install Agent from the Quick Actions menu.

Install Instructions buttons for installing agents on windows and linux.

Review the installation requirements and click Download

You'll run the installer on each system from an elevated command prompt, or use a systems management tool or Windows group policy.

Your agents should start connecting to our cloud platform.

Windows installation requirements for agent installation on Windows and installer download button.

Activate your agents for FIM

Go to the Agents tab, choose an agent and "Activate for FIM or EDR or PM or SCA" from the Quick Actions menu. (Bulk activation is supported using the Actions menu).

Activate for FIM

Activate FIM in a CA configuration profile

You can create a new profile or edit an existing one. On the FIM tab, toggle “Enable FIM module for this profile” to On. Learn more

Tip - We recommend you set up asset tags for FIM assets and assign the same tags in CA configuration profile and FIM monitoring profile.

Enable FIM module option in CA configuration profile.

You're ready!

Select FIM from the application picker and go to the Configuration section to create a FIM monitoring profile, then start investigating FIM events in minutes.