User Permissions in FIM

Permissions granted for a user can be edited through the Administration module. Based on the roles, user must be granted permissions to what they can access, edit or delete. Each role has some pre-defined set of permissions, which can be edited if required. Four types of permissions are included in the permission set - Create, Edit, Delete, Print/Download.

Roles in FIM are classified under two categories:

- FIM Manager

- FIM User

Let's check how the permission set can be edited:

1. Select Administration from the module list.


2. Go to Role Management tab to view the list of all the roles available.

role management

3. Select the role for which you want to edit the permissions.

For example, let's edit the permission set for FIM Manager role.

4. Click Edit.

5. Go to Permissions tab > click Change under Global Dashboard Permissions.

6. Expand the Dashboard Permissions and select the ones that are required (un-check the ones that you wish to remove) and click Save.

fim manager