Configure Tags

Configure tags so you can apply them to assets in your subscription. This helps you to organize your assets and to manage user access to them. You can apply tags to IP addresses and web applications.

1) Go to Tags and select Create Tag.

2) Enter the basic details and tag properties for your tag.

- Basic Details

- Asset Criticality Score

- Tag Properties

3) Set up a dynamic tag type (optional). If there is no dynamic rule then your tag will be saved as a static tag.

- Tag Type

- Tag Rules

- Test Rule Applicability on Selected Assets.

4) Click Create to save the tag. When you save your dynamic tag, we apply it to all scanned hosts that match the rule you defined. You can filter the assets list to show only those that match your new tag rule.

Note: When you save your static tag, you can apply it to your asset from the Inventory tab.

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