Widget Creation in GAV

The Inventory > Asset and Software tab gives you the flexibility to create the widget from query. Click Create Widget from Query to quickly build a widget from the search query you have built.

Alternatively, you can build your widget from the Dashboard tab. Go to the Dashboard tab and click the Add Widget icon. From the "Add or Customize Dashboard Widget Templates" page, click Build your widget.

Note: You can create the widget from the query using the Assets as well as Software.

The widget builder is displayed with pre-populated search query. You can give a name and description to the widget. If you want to show description on widget and widget representation, enable the checkboxe Show description on widget and select the Widget Representation as Regular or Summary.

Select Display results as Assets to add your query and widget for ALL, Managed, and Unmanaged assets.

To add your query and widget to show the Group by details, you must click Bar, Table, or Pie. Select the required option from the Group by list then.

Group by

For Multi-Grouped representation, click Multi-Grouped and then click the Group by 2 (X-axis 2) link. The Group By 2 list is shown. Select the required option from the Group By 2 list then.

 Group By 2