Download and install the Qualys Cloud Agent

You can install cloud agents on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix, PowerPC, and AIX platforms.

See the detailed platform matrix in the Cloud Agent Getting Started Guide.

Know the requirements

Here are the requirements for installing and running Cloud Agent on your system:

- Host must reach Qualys Cloud Platform (or Qualys Private Cloud Platform) over HTTPS port 443

- (Windows) Local administrator privileges on the host. Proxy configuration is supported.

- (Linux, Mac, AIX) Root privileges, non-root with sudo root delegation, or non-root with sufficient privileges. Proxy configuration is supported.

How to download and install agents

Navigate to the Home page and click the Download Cloud Agent button from the Discovery and Inventory tab.

Select an OS and download the agent installer to your local machine. Run the installer on each host from an elevated command prompt.

For example, click Windows and follow the agent installation instructions displayed on the page. We provide you with a default AI activation key for the agent installation. To add or manage your keys, go to Cloud Agent from module picker > Agent Management.

That's it! Your agents should start connecting to our cloud platform. We would expect you to see your first asset discovery results in a few minutes.

Where can I learn more?

On the Qualys Documentation portal, under Sensors > Cloud Agents, refer the Cloud Agent Getting Started Guide and installation guides for different platforms.