Qualys CloudView

CloudView provides visibility and continuous security across all of your cloud environments.

Start Here

Click Manage Your Connectors from the Cloud Inventory Overview section of the Discover and Inventory tab.  

What are the benefits?

With CloudView you’ll get these features:

- Discover and inventory assets and resources across all regions from multiple accounts and multiple cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

- Search resource metadata, view resource details and show associations across resources

- Ability to view, filter and export misconfigurations.

Already have CloudView?

- Create connectors in CloudView

- View your CloudView assets in your Inventory tab

Refer to the Qualys CloudView User Guide and associated documentation to setup your account and create connectors in CloudView.

What will I see in my Inventory?

All your cloud resources discovered by CloudView on various cloud platforms will be displayed in the Inventory tab.

The Source column shows the tracking method of each asset making it easy for you to identify where the asset is coming from.

- If AWS, Azure, and GCP assets are coming from connectors added in AssetView and CloudView, then the tracking method is displayed as such:




- If Cloud Agent is installed on AWS AZURE and GCP assets, then tracking method for those assets will be displayed as QAGENT

- If any of the AWS, AZURE and GCP  assets are scanned using IP scanner, then tracking method for those assets will be displayed as IP

Source of assets is listed in the Source tab