Network Passive Sensor

Network Passive Sensor (PS) helps you to automatically detect and profile all network-connected systems, eliminating blind spots across your IT environment.

Start Here

From the CSAM, click Manage Sensors in the Unmanaged Assets Seen by Passive Sensor section under the Discover and Inventory tab.

Unmanaged assets identified by passive sensors

You can achieve the following with PS:

- Identify known and unknown assets the moment they connect to your network.

- Understand network traffic across your environments.

You can see the details of your assets that are detected by the passive sensors from the INVENTORY tab by clicking Unmanaged. As shown in the following screen capture, you can see the source from where the asset details are collected from the SOURCES column. One or more tags can be associated with the asset, and they are listed in the TAGS column. For more information, see Manage Asset Tags.Passive sensor source