Security Enterprise Mobility

Qualys Secure Enterprise Mobility (SEM) offers you a cloud-based solution, to help you secure, monitor, and manage mobile devices (including smart phones and tablets) across your enterprise. We'll help you get started quickly!

Start Here

You can start managing your mobile devices in minutes. Just install the platform specific mobile apps and setup the SEM application to start managing and configuring mobile devices and to perform day-to-day administrative tasks.

From the CSAM, click Manage Devices in the Mobile Devices Summary section under the Discover and Inventory tab.

Then from the SEM app you will need to do the following to set up your mobile assets:

1) Set up the EULA from the Configuration tab. We are providing you with a provision to add the End User License Agreement text to the system provided EULA outline. Users must accept the EULA before they can enroll their assets.  

2) Create user accounts in the Users tab. This allows you to identify and group devices for easier management. Once the users are created, they are informed of their enrollment details like credentials as well as step by step process via e-mail.

3)  Install the Qualys QAgent app on devices and enroll the devices into the application.

4) You can now start monitoring your devices on the Dashboard. You can also view audit logs in the Reports tab.


SEM provides an Over-The-Air (OTA) distribution of applications, data, and configuration settings.

You can achieve the following with SEM:

- Manage enrolled mobile devices centrally

- Manage vulnerabilities and partial configuration assessment on enrolled mobile devices

- Fix the detected vulnerabilities

- Secure data on enrolled mobile devices