View Certificate Details

You can view certificate details by clicking View Details from the Quick Actions menu of the certificate.

You can see Certificate Details from the five tabs: Information, Hosts, Certificate Path, Raw, and Activity Log.

Information tab: You can see whether the certificate is valid or expired, The certificate issued by, issued to, Fingerprints details, and Certificate Details - Serial Number, Certificate Type, Key, Signature Algorithm, First Found, and Last Found dates.

You can also see other details, such as Subject Alternative Names, Key usage, and Validity.

Certificate Details - Information tab.

- Hosts tab: You can see the host and instance breakdown details from this tab. You can see the name of the asset associated with the certificate, sources, port, protocol, service, last found, and certificate grade details.

Certificate Details - hosts tab.

- Certificate Path tab: You can see the certificate path detected on assets.  

Certificate Details - Certificate Path tab.

- Raw tab: You can see the raw certificate with its format, such as PEM. You can Download and Copy the raw certificate.  

Certificate Details - Raw tab.

- Activity Log tab: You can see activity logs, such as when the certificate was issued, when it was approved, and so on. 

Activity Logs Details.