Traffic Analyzer

Traffic Analyzer provides a detailed and consolidated view for the traffic in your network. This helps you to understand the communication between different assets in your environment. For example, communication of certain type of an unmanaged asset from unsecured network to a critical resource. It also shows date wise traffic volume summary for client to server (CTS) and server to client (STC) in tabular and graphical view. It provides graphical views of the traffic categorized by family and by volume. It shows all traffic flow details for both managed and unmanaged assets.

Note - Make sure your subscription have enabled for "Traffic Analyzer" Add-on to see this feature in Global IT Asset Inventory.

For each flow, one can pivot to any of the two assets participating in the traffic flow to check the details such as asset summary, network information, system information, list of open ports and traffic summary of an asset.

For Traffic Details, navigate to Network > Traffic Analyzer and then click View Traffic Details under Quick Actions for the asset.

You can filter the traffic based on various attributes.